We are pleased that you are interested in a boudoir shoot with us. A very intimate shoot that can cost a little overcoming. In order to take away any uncertainties, we would like to share our shooting schedule with you.


Before the shoot


First of all, we clarify a suitable date. Since we take pictures with natural light, only appointments at bright times of the day are possible. If the photos are made for a specific occasion, for example as a morning gift or birthday present, please consider when choosing the date that the delivery of the photos can take up to 4 weeks in high season. If you then want to print a photo product, such as a photo book, linen print or similar, you will need about 2 weeks. You should therefore choose a lead time of approx. 8 -12 weeks for a stress-free transaction, from the request to the printed photo.


After booking, you will receive an extensive questionnaire from us. We would like to know what you or your partner love about your body, but also which parts of the body do not inspire you personally. Because with our photo shoot, we want to emphasize your advantages, so that you will find yourself beautiful in the pictures. We also ask how much skin you want to show. So whether an act, partial act, covert partial act etc. is suitable for you. Don't worry, we will of course explain all the terms in the questionnaire.


We will also send you a pre-shooting info sheet with many useful tips on what you should look out for before the shoot, such as a manicure or something as banal as it is adequate. We will inform you about the right outfit choice and which accessories you can bring to the shoot. If you want to practice a little pose in front of the mirror, you will get a better feeling for your body and in which position you like it.


If you don't have a suitable location, we would be happy to send you some options. We advise you which setting suits you best.



On the day of the shoot


The photo shoot takes place in an intimate setting, only you and your photographer. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and you can change 2-3 times during the shoot. We recommend starting the shoot with a little more clothing, for example a body or negligee. In the course of the shoot, you become more and more relaxed, so that photos with a lot of bare skin are better photographed in the second half.


We find a positive attitude to his body very important for a boudoir shoot and especially on the day of the shoot itself. Of course we also know that every woman has her insecurities and less-loved zones. At this point we would like to tell you that you can fully trust us, that we will put you in the spotlight. We suggest poses that suit you and your curves.


So you can relax, be yourself and just have fun!


For styling, we recommend professional hair and make up styling. Perfectly styled, you will simply be able to approach the shoot even more confidently. If the shooting result is intended as a morning gift and you have professional styling at the wedding, you could start the photo shoot after your make-up. If you don't have a make-up artist yet, we'd be happy to recommend dear Suzy from q-makeup.



After the shoot


A few days after the shoot you will receive an online gallery with your unprocessed (!) Photos from us. Then you select your 25 favorite pictures and mark them directly in the gallery. We will then process your selection and you will receive your finished photos as high-resolution JPG files.

At the latest that is the moment when you will be overjoyed to have invested in this unique experience.


If your dreamy photos are also intended as a gift for someone special, you should definitely present them accordingly. There are many ways of presentation, from art prints to canvas prints to books.


If you are interested in a high-quality photo book or a practical passpartout box, just ask us and we will be happy to send you more information.



If we have convinced you of our way of working and you would like to give yourself a boudoir shoot, we look forward to hearing from you!