A boudoir shoot is a great way to give yourself and your loved one a gift. We photograph you in an intimate and feminine setting and create a special feel-good atmosphere, so that sensual, tasteful pictures are created that will definitely take your fiancé or partner's breath away.

As professional photographers we want you to feel comfortable in your body and we photograph you so that you will find yourself proud of the pictures. You decide whether you want the photos to be romantic, playful, sexy or sensual! We will photograph you authentically and underline your advantages with the right posing choice and the creative use of light.


If you choose a boudoir photo shoot, we will send you a questionnaire so that we can find out exactly how you would like your photos to be and what your wishes are. We want to know what you like about your body and how much skin you want to show on the shoot. So we can best contribute to your well-being during the shoot. Of course there are also some pre-shooting tips from us and we will advise you on what you can bring to the shoot.






































  • 1.5 - 2 hours photo shoot

  • a photographer

  • 20 photos

  • Selection of the pictures

  • Basic retouching

  • professional optimization of every single picture

  • Photo editing in vintage style

  • all private usage rights

  • Online gallery in high resolution

  • high resolution jpgs without watermark

  • detailed advice on location & styling

290, - investment


Request your photoshooting directly via our contact form

The right choice of location for a boudoir shoot


The shoot takes place in a location of your choice, for example your home, an Airbnb or a studio. Please note that we take pictures with natural light and therefore bright rooms are particularly suitable.

A nice sofa, an old piano or a romantic bed. The more exciting the setting, the more creative photos we can take. Simple hotel rooms are usually unsuitable because disruptive elements such as large TVs or cupboards take up space.

We are happy to recommend suitable locations as a studio or a airbnb appartment for the shoot on request.

Have we sparked your interest in a boudoir shoot with us?

But you are still unsure. Then we would like to explain our exact Shooting procedure to you to take away any last uncertainties.