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You're getting married and you´re interested in a wedding reportage by Ivory Rose Photography? There is certainly something you want to know about us. Since we do not want to leave questions unanswered, here are some answers to frequently asked questions. If we could not satisfy your thirst for knowledge on this page, then write us an email via our contact form. We look forward to it!

Why do you work in pairs?


How do you say so beautifully, 4 eyes see better than 2!

We photograph your wedding from two different perspectives and can therefore devote ourselves carefree to all important details of your big day. Two photographers means that the bride and groom have their own photographer and while you are with a couple shooting with one of us, the other is dedicated to your guests.

On your wedding day there are many important moments that take place at the same time and are therefore perfectly covered by two photographers.


  • The couple getting ready usually takes place at the same time, sometimes at two different locations. It is therefore impossible for a photographer to be in both places at the same time.

  • The first look happens from two perspectives and should also be dedicated to them.

  • Moving in is one of the most important moments of a wedding to capture. One of us focuses on the groom, who is immediately overwhelmed by the magical moment of his future bride. The second lens is dedicated to the brilliant arrival of the bride. So we can capture all of your emotions without disturbing the ceremony.

  • When exchanging a ring, the second photographer can hold the tears of joy of your guests.

  • The group photo can be coordinated better and more efficiently with a large number of guests with two of us. So you don't have to wait long until everyone smiles well positioned in the camera. If you book our “exclusive family portrait”, one of us will dedicate ourselves to the construction of the On Location Studio during the congratulations.

  • After the wedding, one of us will dedicate ourselves to congratulations and the other can record all the lovingly designed details on your table.

  • During the couple shots one of us pays attention that you will be put in the right light, whether the dress is sitting, the shine is powdered or amused you while the second photographer can concentrate on the perfect picture. We also take turns at the PA and you get different perspectives. Especially when the daily routine is stressful, it is an advantage to have two of us with you, as there is sometimes not much time for PA and it is therefore much faster.

  • Bridal couples are also happy to offer their guests the opportunity to benefit from their photographers. So one of us is only available to your guests to take beautiful photos for the album.

  • As everywhere, the end product increases when you have less stress and have a second one with you. We are a well-coordinated team, each of us knows how the other works and where he is at the moment. So we can rely on each other.

  • For two, we don't have to change positions between important moments to get different perspectives. We can act particularly inconspicuously.


Can I also book you individually?


Of course, we also only offer a photographer to accompany a wedding. We usually only accompany short weddings on our own. However, we know from many years of experience what advantages it is to have this great day accompanied by 2 photographers.


Do you also take photos abroad?


Yes, yes, yes and yes again. We will go wherever you decide to get married and look forward to participating in your exciting journey.


Is the journey charged extra?


Travel expenses apply for weddings outside of Vienna. If you announce our wedding location we can give you information about the amount of the costs.

If it is necessary for us to accompany you in Vienna by car and parking costs for this time, we will charge you 1: 1.


What about accommodation costs?


Accommodation costs can be incurred if your wedding location is a few hours from Vienna and / or if you have booked a full-day report. We definitely want to be fresh, happy and lively on your wedding day, so we like to travel a day earlier if you are further away.


When is the best time to request and book?


In any case, the motto here is: the early bird catches the worm or, in your case, the photographer of your choice. Due to the limited number of weekends that summer has to offer and the fact that we offer both photo and video, we recommend that you request the documentation of your wedding as soon as possible. If you want to hear a number now: about 1 year in advance.


Do we meet before the wedding?


Yes of course! We always meet with our newlyweds in advance and get to know each other. It is important that you gain trust in us through a personal get-together and that we swim with you on the same wavelength. This is the only way we can record an authentic and natural wedding report for you. In addition, we are old hands in the wedding world and you can benefit from our tips that we give you when we discuss your wedding schedule.

After your booking, we also stay in touch. We write emails if there are changes to the schedule and can also meet again at a café shortly before the wedding.


A personal meeting is not possible due to geographical conditions? No problem, thanks to the technology. We can either skype, facetime or whatsapp;)


Do you visit the location in advance?


Yes and no.

Since we already had a lot of weddings, we know some locations. We are happy to visit new locations in Vienna and the surrounding area. In principle, we always arrive at least one hour before the start of our report on your wedding day to prepare and take a look at the surroundings. We don't want to leave anything to chance. So we can estimate where we can take the best photos on the day, as the light and the weather are always different.


What equipment do you use?


We use the latest and highest quality Canon equipment. We mainly use very fast fixed focal lengths because they simply create the best image optics.


Are you only doing weddings?


We both have in-depth photographic training and can cover many photographic areas with our knowledge. We are primarily wedding photographers, but we also take photos of food, portraits, events, architecture ...

So if you are planning something different and are looking for a photographer, we look forward to your inquiry.


Is it possible to book less than 6 hours?


In the off-season from October to April we also offer a “Mini Wedding Package” from 3 hours. If you get married in summer and you are not sure how long you would like to book us, just ask us and we can discuss it over a good coffee.

The same applies to short civil weddings.


What happens if someone gets sick?


We offer you a full-fledged replacement photographer. Since we are also a team of four photographers, one of us is mostly free as a backup.


Is it possible to get the raws?


We don't sell our raws because we don't want to leave our work unfinished. We put a lot of love and time into your photos. Of course you also book us for our special image look that we create in post-processing.


What do you take photos of during a full day report?


We accompany you throughout the day and apart from the reportage, we take your couple photos, family photos, ring photos, the group photo, photos of the decoration, the location, surrounding photos, mood photos and much more. On this day we would like to fulfill every photographic wish that can be fulfilled;)


How much time do we need to take the pair?


In the best case, we would like 1 to 1 ½ hours for your pair photos. Good things take time, it is said so beautifully. You also want to switch off some of the hustle and bustle and enjoy yourself as a newlywed couple. We also do not want to rush you with the pair shots, because you can see that in the photos. The pictures should be relaxed, natural, unique and above all reflect you and your happiness. See the couple shots as a little break just for you during your wedding. You should have fun and be yourself.

If you can't schedule as much time for the couple shots on your big day, we, of course, as professional photographers, are able to take photos of your couple in a smaller time window.

If you don't want to leave your guests after the wedding, we can also take the photos of the couple before your wedding. We are also happy to recommend an afterwedding shoot.


Why do you recommend an after wedding shooting?


Often, newlyweds do not have much time to take pictures on their wedding day or do not want to leave their guests for an hour.

Sometimes the location of the wedding ceremony is not suitable for this or the weather simply does not play along. For this we offer the afterwedding shoot. At night we have no stress and can choose the location freely. There are no limits to the location and we are not dependent on the weather! We would also be happy to recommend a suitable location.


When do we get the wedding photos?


Good things come to those who wait. We like to take a lot of time for your photos to get the best out of you. We often have to leave them behind for a few days after processing in order to be able to objectively assess them during the last check in order to make last changes.

You will receive your photos about 3-4 weeks after the wedding.

In what format and how do we get the photos?


You will receive your photos digitally in the highest resolution. You can also get the pictures via online album in smaller web resolution. You can easily share this album with your friends and relatives via a link.

So that you can also hold something in your hand, you will also receive a lovingly packed box with a USB on which the photos are in high resolution, as well as some printed photos sent home.


Do we have to make a deposit?


Yes. After signing the order, a deposit of 360 euros must be paid. We will send you an invoice for this.


When do we pay the bill?


You will receive the invoice with your pictures. This is payable within 10 days.

What does the collaboration look like when we book you?


After your booking we will of course stay in touch. We write emails, Whats App messages or can call us if there are changes in the process and / or questions arise.


Are we responsible for your meals?


Since we are constantly on the go with the camera and work very concentrated, we cannot take care of our own meals. We are happy to snack on something during the agape. On a long working day, of course, we can only achieve our full performance if we can take a short meal break. We normally take a 30-minute break during the report for long reports and look forward to being invited by you. We do not take photos, especially during the opening of the table, because your guests may feel disturbed while eating. Of course we interrupt our break if there is something important that should be photographed. You do not have to reserve a place on the board, we also like to eat at the bar or at a table outside. Just as it goes with your table planning.